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Stunning coastlines, sandy beaches and the distinctive white and blue architecture make the Cyclades the most popular sailing area in Greece. Cosmopolitan nightlife and high-end restaurants as well as no-name taverns can be all found here and you better start exploring!

Day 1 & 2
  First stop, Aegina; a popular first and last port of call for sailing charters starting and ending in Athens. Equip yourself with its fantastic pistachio nuts and make sure you visit the temple of Aphaia, as impressive as the Parthenon.
Day 3
  Volcanic Milos is ringed with dramatic coastal landscapes of colorful and surreal rock formations. Although the island's most celebrated export, the Venus de Milo, is far away in the Louvre, dozens of beaches and a series of picturesque villages contribute to its current, compelling attractions.
Day 4 & 5
  Mykonos needs no introduction; it is undoubtedly the great glamour island of Greece and flaunts its sizzling St. Tropez-meets-Ibiza style and party-hard reputation. Celebrities, clubs, and expensive restaurants with the traditional beauty of the town, built like a Cycladic maze, the local architecture, and the off-track beaches will reward every visitor.
Day 6 & 7
  The smallest of the inhabited Cyclades has been transformed in recent years into a fashionable destination. A popular secret hideaway in the '80s and '90s for off-beat yet sophisticated visitors, Koufonisia is the best place to wind down after the frenetic action of Mykonos.
Day 7 & 8
  Sailing to Santorini is actually like sailing in an immerse crater of a drowned volcano. Famous for one of the best sunsets in the world, in peak season the island becomes a playground for the very wealthy. Enjoy fine dining, excellent local wines, and breathtaking sunsets.   *The private travel itineraries listed above act as suggestions only and each one can be customized around your needs and interest: adding or removing a day, bypassing a destination, taking time off to relax, or altering your accommodation and flight options.