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*Charter from Kos



Offering a unique mixture of ancient and modern history in a truly beautiful natural environment, the Dodecanese is the bridge between Europe and the East comprising of twelve large islands (hence its name: dodeca meaning twelve).

Day 1 & 2
  The third-largest island in the Dodecanese, Kos is characterized by its lush vegetation and sandy beaches with turquoise waters, as well as its ancient and medieval monuments. Ancient Greek ruins are scattered everywhere you turn, and a mighty medieval castle still watches over the harbor.
Day 3
  Patmos has a bewitchingly spiritual feel about it. This does not come as a surprise given that it was here, in a cave, that exiled St. John received the apocalyptic visions that formed sinister Revelations in the Bible. The lack of an airport has protected the island from mass tourism and the calmness is reflected on the locals, who are as hospitable and friendly as they come.
Day 4
  Although Symi is far from small, the first sight of Gialos Harbor, framed against an amphitheater of pastel-colored houses, is unforgettable. It's all thanks to the Italians, who ruled the island almost a century ago and established the architectural style that the Symi has followed ever since.
Day 5 & 6
  By far the largest and historically the most important of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes abounds in beaches, green valleys, and ancient history. Whether you're here on a culture-vulture journey or simply for some laid-back beach time and buzzing nightlife, it's all here!   *The private travel itineraries listed above act as suggestions only and each one can be customized around your needs and interest: adding or removing a day, bypassing a destination, taking time off to relax, or altering your accommodation and flight options.